Dr. Patricia Tallman


Patricia Tallman has a Doctorate in Water Resources Engineering (University of British Columbia, Canada) and a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering Sciences (California Institute of Technology, USA). After her post at McMaster University as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering, she became a private consultant to natural resource industries.

Despite her educational background and her professional work in environmental policy, Dr. Patricia Tallman did not make the connection between individual daily actions and global environmental issues until 2003, when she decided to become vegan for ethical and environmental reasons.

In her current speaking engagements and writing, including 10 editorial articles in 2013 for The Vancouver Sun, some of which also appeared in Calgary Herald, Montreal Gazette, Windsor Star, Star Phoenix, and the Examiner, Dr. Tallman helps people understand the immense value of adopting a plant-based diet for the well-being of our planet and all its inhabitants.

Each of us contributes to the health of our planet through our daily actions and practices. Why not live our lives congruent to values of respect and compassion, based on the universal tenet of “Do No Harm”? In following this principle, we come to appreciate that humans are part of the tapestry that connects us to all life forms, and that what we impose on other animal species and the environment ultimately reverberates back to us. We shouldn’t need to live healthily at the expense of other animals and the environment. In fact, we can thrive without animal products.



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