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“Climate scientists are telling us that even if we were now to put into practice a the strictest possible curbs on carbon emissions, the prospects would still be very bleak for hundreds of millions of people.  But if were also to markedly reduce our meat consumption, an entirely different and far more hopeful future would become possible.  If we are to create a livable future on this planet, we will need to successfully lessen the demand for meat.  And if we do that, it will be because of people like Patricia Tallman, and thanks to those people who read and heed her book. ”
~ John Robbins, author of Diet For A New America; President of The Food Revolution Network


“A wonderful must-have addition to more than just just the cookbook shelf of any conscientious earth dweller. Well researched, user friendly and highly pertinent source like none other. The essential, entirely original in its presentation, and highly recommended, fact focused complement to Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.

This gem of a book fills what has been a hugely important gap. Many are by now well aware of the general idea that—just like in the nutritional realm—environmentally too not all diets are created equal. Yet how to apply this broad understanding to individual meals or dishes has never before been worked out. Scientists like myself found the challenge too applied, and journalists and chefs felt, correctly, that it is outside of their numerical expertise. It took a passionate cook with a PhD in engineering, Dr. Particia Tallman, to crack this nut. What is so remarkable, and completely novel, about this book is not the useful collection of relatively straightforward, wholesome and delicious recipes, even though the ones I tried are superb. Instead, it is the accompanying detailed comparison of environmental footprint, in terms of averted water use, manure runoff and greenhouse gas emissions, of the vegan and non-vegan versions of each recipe. This critical yet elusive actionable information empowers you the reader to make informed decisions that stand to enormously reduce your environmental impact while saving you time, money and the unsettling need to rely on idle speculations or self-serving unsubstantiated assertions. Highly recommended!”
~ Gidon Eshel, Research Prof. of Environmental Physics at Bard College, Annandale, NY


“We’re finding more and more evidence that a plant-based diet is the best way to promote a healthy life. And now we are learning that what’s best for us is also best for the planet. Eating sustainably means replacing meat and dairy products with delicious, wholesome plant-based foods. The payoff is enormous for your health and the Earth. Please read this fascinating and informative guide. Let Patricia Tallman’s guidance lead the way, and find the greatness of eating green.”
~ Neal Barnard MD, Adjunct Associate Professor at George Washington University’s School of Medicine; President of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


“If you care about your health or the environment, then Patricia Tallman’s remarkable book, The Restore-Our-Planet Diet, is for you. It’s the first book I’ve seen with recipes that include side-by-side comparisons of the nutritional and ecological benefits of plant-based versions over animal-based versions. We learn, for example, that vegan Stuffed Peppers use 466 gallons less water than the animal version, generate 12 pounds less manure, and lower greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of driving seven miles. And not only are the benefits compelling, but the recipes are mouth-watering! What better way to change your ecological footprint and improve your health?”
~ David Robinson Simon, author of Meatonomics.


“With easy to understand information, graphs and topics, The Restore-Our-Planet Diet is a great tool for anyone looking to improve their health and the health of the Earth’s ecosystems.”
~ Keegan Kuhn, Filmmaker, co-director of Cowspiracy


“A clever new take on what’s wrong with eating animals, this book speaks poignantly and practically to the relationship between what’s on our plates and the state of our planet, and then tells us how to make changes, simply and deliciously!”
~Victoria Moran, author of Main Street Vegan and The Good Karma Diet


“Patricia Tallman not only makes a compelling case for replacing animal foods in your diet with choices that protect the planet and your health—she shows you how to do it. And her tips and recipe makeovers are so easy that you’ll wonder why you haven’t been eating this way all along. This is a wonderful guide for anyone who wants to make choices that protect the future of our planet.”
~Virginia Messina, MPH, RD, author of Vegan for Life, Vegan for Her, and Never Too Late to Go Vegan



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“Thank you Dr Tallman for the very informative talk you gave at the North Vancouver library this week. I was very impressed by all the facts you gave us about the food we eat . . . Our good health and that of our planet have been overlooked through ignorance and bad habits. Animals have been badly treated through greed and neglect . I must say I will now be more careful in what I eat and will try to become a vegan!

I see that eating the wrong foodstuffs causes chronic diseases,like cancer and heart problems [and] I want to live as long as I can to see my children and grandchildren grow up. I wish children from an early age learn these facts–so that they can be better informed about 1. what is good to eat and why. 2. How we can better protect our beautiful planet and 3.the pressure of big business.

Education is the key – Keep up the good work ! You are making a difference!” – Anne M.

“Very Informative” – Adele B.

“Thank you, learned a lot!” – Jhalel Z.

“Awesome! Thank you.” – Kate D.

“I too have to say it was very informative, and eye opening. I like the way you broke it down into parts.” – Margarete Wiedmann, Special Services Coordinator, North Vancouver City Library

“Your presentation was fantastic! I only wish you could present to a TedTalks audience! . . .  I thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Christine Miller, Executive Director, North Shore Black Bear Society.

“I enjoyed the presentation and found it really informative. It was definitely ‘food for thought’ and brings the connection between food choices and the environment much more clearly into focus. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a balanced perspective – one that allows facts to speak for themselves without drifting into emotional overtures of a kind commonly associated with these subjects.” – Andrew Klukas, President, Western Convenience Stores Association.

“The lecture brought to light for me the sadness of over 6 Million children dying every year from starvation, the loss of the rainforests, and cruelty to animals. My husband and I are going to begin cutting out dairy and meat. Dr. Tallman was easy to listen to and very, very knowledgeable.”

“The way you explain things, makes one wonder why NOT convert to a plant-based diet. Thank you for so much awareness!”

“An eye-opener, as a vegetarian my goal is to be a true vegan. Thanks for the clear information.”

“Excellent and inspiring – I’m going straight to the market to buy fixings for a salad!”

“Very professional presentation, very important information that people should know for informed dietary choices. Please do many more of these.” Marianne Blanchet, Registered Nurse (Psychiatry)

“Thank you for the work you are doing! I am inspired to make the changes.”

“Dr. Tallman’s research has influenced me to the point where I no longer eat red meat and am ready for a shift away from other meats. As I have so many recipes that contain meat, The Restore-Our-Plant Diet is incredibly useful for converting recipes to those that do not contain meat. Our family is also slowly reducing the dairy in our diets, and the extent of Dr. Tallman’s influence is reaching my garden: This year I plan to plant peanuts for the first time!” Natasha Jones, freelance author, editor, and photographer.

“I have already started my transition into a vegan lifestyle and this presentation gave me information I had yet to learn. I am so glad I got to attend, it was extremely useful.”

“Excellent presentation!”

“This seminar was very informative and interesting. Thank you for your input! I will start my family gradually.”

“Very informative and inclusive. I appreciate your approach to informing us about different decision we could make, without using guilt as a tact. Great presentation.” Jessie Y.

“Dr. Tallman’s great meat-replacing idea, coupled with my nutrition background and Chinese origin enabled me to create a collection  of vegetarian versions of traditional Chinese food. These vegetarian versions are now included in my Canadian-born son’s favorite food list. It shouldn’t be a surprise that tofu fits so well in Chinese food recipes, since it was created in China thousands of years ago. I think everybody can borrow the recipe conversion technique (from meat-based to plant-based) as illustrated in this book and amend the meat recipes accordingly. Then start to live a much healthier life. The detailed environment impact comparisons in the book also allow you to feel good about saving our planet in a very tangible way. Eventually, your daily eating routine will carry a whole new dimension of meaning.” Lily N.

“Very interesting presentation. Lots of valuable and surprising knowledge and tips. Up-to-date and informative statistics. Thank you!” Maria L.

“Very informative session on diet and our environmental footprint. I felt like I was at Dr. Oz while listening to Dr. Patricia Tallman. Lots of valuable information and interesting perspectives on the growing world of food.” Kamal A.

“Excellent talk! Very inspiring….. This is a wake-up call.” Loraine C., retired office manager

“Patricia is a wonderfully interesting and informative speaker. I already had known a few facts about how bad the animal agriculture business is but I learned so much more tonight. She is also charming and adds a bit of humor as well as suggestions on what we can do to help this situation the world is in.” Cathleen C.

“Excellent, informative presentation. I didn’t consider the impact of animal agriculture on the earth’s fresh water supplies before. I certainly will pay attention to that now as the earth’s population will not survive without fresh water.” Lori P.

“Very informative and eye-opening. Has made me do a great deal of thinking and soul searching to think about making lifestyle changes. Excellent presentation.” Peter C.

“Very thought-provoking. Had never considered a vegan diet before. will try to incorporate some aspects into my diet from now on.” Lesley C.

“You put together an excellent and informative and easy talk to listen to. Thank you so much!…”

“Very well presented. Love all the stats. Thank you.”

“Excellent presentation. Very thorough and clear. Engaging. Great stats!”

“Huge learning. I need to start; I guess it will be [eliminating] dairy. Thank you for opening my eyes.”

“Fantastic! Lots of fact-based information. Completely reinforced the reasons we are doing this for our family.” Erin and Kevin A.

“Excellent presentation – you are very knowledgeable – and no notes! Based on your presentation, I will begin to make changes.”


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